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How to start yoga at home for beginners

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How do I start yoga at home, if I am a complete beginner? Courses are expensive. YouTube videos come confusing and not for me. Seriously, why is this Beginner instructor asking me to put my knees behind my head? What even is this?

We have all been there. And if you are on this article, it’s definitely because you are trying to start yoga at home, but you don’t know how. 

Let us cut to the chase. This is a quality, concise article that will teach you everything you need to know.

Disclaimer: This article will guide you through several weeks worth of tips you should be following. It’s a nice little idea to save this guide for future use.

Here’s how you do it. 

Step 1: 5 minutes is all you need to start yoga at home for beginners

First time trying yoga? Don’t go for a two hours video. That is just going to burn you out and quickly get you sick of hearing your instructor say all those fancy looking words.

Start with a simple, 5 minutes drill. 

Pick 5 poses you feel comfortable with. We advise giving the most common ones a go, such as the mountain, the warrior, the lotus, the child and the corpse.

Now do them for one minute each.

Now, you are probably saying, isn’t that too little?

That is right. It isn’t much, but every thousand miles journey begins with a simple step. And your journey has just begun, and you have to learn to walk before you can run.

So follow this advice and start by decompressing your spine.

Once you feel comfortable with your current, short workout, it’s time to push a little bit further, just out of the comfort zone.

Step 2: Incorporate breathwork

 Breathwork. Probably the most important aspect of yoga. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Be mindful of every breath, feel it passing through your lungs.

Now that you have achieved control over 5 minutes of yoga, your body is already feeling the benefits of yoga. Now, it’s time to seize the mental health boost that comes with yoga.

The key to start yoga at home is no different than starting in a studio, or with a specialised instructor: You have to take deep breaths.

Step 3: Expand out of your comfort zone

Five poses is all you have mastered so far. And yoga has thousands of them. Sure, you likely won’t be able to know them all, but wouldn’t it be nice to know a few more? Consider adding extra minutes to your routine by adding more poses. Remember to finish with a decompressing, relaxing pose, such as corpse pose.

Ideally, add three to five more poses every time you are comfortable with your previous workout. It’s enough to push you, but not too much to the point you’ll feel overwhelmed.

Step 4: Treat yourself

Two weeks ago you couldn’t even touch your toes, and now your elbows are almost to the ground. 

Life isn’t all about the uncomfortable stretch you probably feel as you push a little bit more with each yoga workout. It’s also about rewards.

And hey, be good with yourself. A chocolate bar, a nice little walk, an extra episode of your favourite show… Anything can be a reward.

Just be mindful. I want you to take every bite of your bar and really feel the flavour and think, “I deserve this for my hard efforts.”

Step 5: Yoga At Home Keep going!

It’s that easy! Yoga at home is not rocket science, and as you continue expanding your pose vocabulary and flexibility, it’s likely you will want to invest into better equipment, courses and more. 

That is perfectly fine! For the ultimate reward, why not check Y42’s full inclusive retreat? Check it out here.

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