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Y42 Guide to Detox and Nutrition. Empower your mind & body and excite your soul.

Detox and Fasting

There is no greater gift you can give yourself then to rejuvenate your health and energy by taking care of your £1billion body as it deserves! Imagine how we take care of a prize racehorse; it receives the best diet, rest & exercise. Yet many of us undervalue our own bodies worth exponentially more.

At Y42 we will help you break patterns & cleanse your system to get rid of waste and toxicity. Part of this is to manage your emotions so you value and enjoy the process to build a new you. We recommend regular colonics to eliminate toxins built up over time, exercise the colon muscles and remove parasites which most of us have.

Fasting on a regular basis is a core part of many traditions and the benefits are now backed by science. Animals fast naturally to aid the natural healing process; It cleanses & revitalises your body, gives your system a rest, eliminates toxins and helps with mental clarity whilst also developing willpower.

Post-fast, it is important to introduce light solid foods gently and in small quantities. We recommend eating high water content live alkalising foods and vegetable soups.

Intermittent fasting is also gaining popularity which is limiting your eating window per day. Remember, nothing tastes as good as absolute health…to live the life you were born for with vitality!


Lymph System to detox body & nasal cleansing

The lymph system is the detox system of the body responsible for carrying away dead cells and toxic materials. This is a critical function and if this were to shut down we wouldn’t survive longer than a day. We can stimulate the system through dry skin brushing, inversions/trampoline, sauna and lymphatic massage.

Nasal cleansing is important for maintaining freedom of breath, combating pollution & preventing colds. This should be done every morning, and once you get used to it, it becomes a habit and you can’t imagine not doing it! It’s also good to do after a flight/travelling to prevent germs spreading.


Healthy eating and Alkalinity

Remember all disease starts on your plate! We are literally what we eat, hence a high emphasis on the quality of our food to bring vitality, health and emotional balance. Maintaining a proper ratio between acid and alkaline food is of vital importance to maintaining health; too much acidity in the body’s tissues is the cause of cell mutation, which leads to disease – a ratio of 4 parts alkaline to 1 part acid is the ideal balance. Predominantly plant-based and hence alkaline, a yogic diet ensures food gets energy directly from the sun, the source of all life. It should ideally be organic, freshly prepared, natural, not refined or processed, not overly spicy and not microwaved. A core Yogic value is non-violence (Ahimsa), and so avoids foods that involve harming animals. A vegetarian diet is also proven to have significant health benefits such as controlling weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, and cancer due to hormones and chemicals animals have ingested (as well as for environmental reasons).


How we eat and avoiding over-eating

Yogis believe food is our first interaction with the world around us, and if we do not eat with a sense of love, connection, and peace, all other facets of our lives can suffer. Most importantly, food should be prepared and eaten with love and positive intention, in a peaceful surrounding with full attention. Food should be chewed well and it’s critical not to overeat. Even our juices should be taken slowly and chewed. Mindful eating helps you eat to nourish your body, instead of to satisfy cravings or without any consciousness. Many of us overeat or make poor food choices due to emotional reasons such as stress, depression or boredom – patterns we have picked up through childhood.

Another reason for over-eating is not being hydrated. The easiest thing you can do to control your weight is to drink a class of water at least 30 minutes before meal times. Also try not to snack in between meals, as this allows space in between meals to allow for optimal nutrient absorption and to give the digestion system a rest. Typically 2-3 regular meals per day, with a light meal in the evening are sufficient.



Green foods:

Chlorophyll is an element found in green plant life and is a powerful protector and healer to the body by helping to purify and cleanse the blood, improving function of our essential organs & digestive system. Examples are Spirulina, Chlorella and Wheatgrass – we will be adding a “miracle green” super-food mix to our water.


Friendly microorganisms are mainly healthy flora in our systems by inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria and aiding digestion of nutrients. Natural sources are Kefir, live yogurt and raw sauerkraut, which are needed daily. We provide a high quality supplement at our wellbeing retreats.

Udo’s oil:

Essential fatty acids are required by every cell and the body cannot make it – so it’s absolutely essential that it is obtained from foods for optimal health of organs, skin, metabolism, digestion, cardiovascular system, immune system and the brain; the 2 essential fatty acids are Omega3’s and 6’s. These are found in olive oil, flax seed oil, avocado, sunflower seeds, walnuts – we provide a high quality source and recommend you incorporate them as part of your daily routine. However, avoid hydrogenated fats like margarine, Butter, Ghee and Coconut oil for frying.

Vitamin D:

Most of us do not get enough natural sunlight and are Vitamin D deficient, especially through winter. Do make use of our Real Sunlight sunbathing technology, but we also provide a supplement to give you a boost.

All rounder multi-vitamin:

A supplement to provide an all round boost of nutrients.



All diet tells you to ditch sodas & juices and start hydrating with water. Drinking water is essential to your health we are nearly 70% water after all — flushing toxins & impurities from your body, to absorb vitamins & nutrients, promoting digestion and bowel function, energising muscles, keeping brain sharp and even adding moisture to your hair and skin. Drinking water is healthy. But does drinking water help you lose weight? Research says yes! The obvious reason is that drinking water fills up the stomach and so we consume less. Also dehydration is often masked as feelings of hunger, making you think that you need to eat when you really just need to hydrate.

Please keep your water bottles filled and keep sipping on it throughout the day. Ideally never go more than 20 minutes without sipping water – and drink at least a glass first thing in the morning. Electrolytes are crucial to keep your nervous system, muscles functioning & internal environment balanced.


Sorry, addictions your time is up!


You know the score – you must minimise your sugar intake. It’s very addictive, very acidic & creates a thriving environment for serious disease.


These artificially stimulate your nervous system, causing stress, anxiety and sleep issues and are very addictive. Once your system gets used to them, there isn’t a “high”, there is just dependence. They increases secretion of acid, inhibiting the absorption of nutrients. Studies have shown a link between caffeine and diseases. Coffee is pure acid, a healthy body maintains a blood pH of 7.3; Coffee is 5.1 which disturbs the central balance of your cells.

Other high acid forming foods:

Try to minimise meats, wheat, dairy & of course alcohol such as beer. The more acidic foods you have, the more you crave. It’s important to break cycle with new daily habits and observe any emotional eating patterns.

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