"Thank You so so much for a magical experience. I feel super calm and relaxed, ready to take on the world <3"
Bianca Gascoigne
"I’m crying as I write this because I feel such a profound change has happened. Y42 is a truly special place and my time spent there was like pushing a big and much-needed reset button! Simple curiosity brought me into the community and whilst I joined with zero expectations, I left with not only a newfound drive and purpose but with the tools to easily implement what I learned into my daily life. Thank you so much, Karl and Rohini!"
"I just want to thank Karl and Rohini for putting this amazing weekend together. Thank you for opening your hearts and doors for us. This was such a special weekend and has proven to be truly life-changing for me. I want to thank each and every single person involved in the retreat for your energy, love and uniqueness. THANK YOU!"
"Thank you so much for this incredible week of growth and transformation. Literally has been life changing, wishing you all joy and much love!!"
JP Cooper
"Wow what can I say, so grateful to be able to meet such a wonderful group of spiritual beings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love you all <3"
Leanne Brown