Is your relationship at best a brother/sister functional relationship?

At worst constant bickering, resentment, blame, anger, unsupportive, lonely …and not willing to be the best for each other

80% of relationships fail…our proven strategies will transform yours to a daily magnificent love affair! 

Has Traditional counselling failed you?

You are not alone… for many couples it gets worse. We take a radically different approach by merging the best of eastern philosophies with western psychology & deeply transformative Retreat experiences

Our coaching is like no other, really it is!!  We take an intuitive approach covering all aspects of wellbeing, deeper meaning and relationship dynamics… bringing a range of emotions into the mix.  Sometimes this can all get “too serious” and too much in the head…you will learn to deeply connect to your heart with creativity, to call out negative recurring patterns through simple tools and practices. Our process is playful, fun and guarantees to radically improve your relationship.

The Y42 radical loving retreat is a deeply nourishing beautiful celebration of love in exquisite luxury to deepen your connection, improve intimacy and energise your relationship.  A joyful loving journey exploring sacred sexuality and energetic connection with deeply transformative sessions to help release trauma to heal your heart, mindful communications to minimize “blow-outs” & patterns sabotaging intimacy. The retreat is full of delicious rituals in our gorgeous temples and romantic bedrooms culminating in a glorious “sacred vows” celebration.

We have been there, Stress and overwhelm took our relationship to the brink

meet rohini

Between successful careers & juggling family life, Karl and Rohini brought 3 beautiful sons into the world in 3 incredibly busy years. Stress and overwhelm took our relationship to the brink. We had enough and decided to take radical action. 

We went on an epic journey to master all aspects of our lives and learnt from the best relationship, wellbeing and sexuality coaches.

20 years into our relationship, we now experience the most beautiful loving supportive and passionate love affair. We are each other’s No 1 priority and our love provides rocket fuel for all aspects of life. 

Y42 love stories

"Feels like a new beginning for us, Rohini and Karl have been extremely helpful for our growth, it's life changing"
Couples coaching Kent
Suzy & Clive
"I feel like I was in a different world, never ever imagined I would ever feel like this for my partner again!"
Relationship Retreat UK
Alexa & Robert

DO You yearn for more intimacy, passion and connection?

You know it's possible as you love your partner, but just don't know how to break patterns to get there

There is no need to suffer anymore, time to take your relationship to the next level