Rohini 1


Rohini has made it her life’s work to explore and understand the human mind and how to unlock human potential.  


This was a passion cultivated through her 25 years in senior corporate leadership roles, working for the likes of Microsoft, John Lewis, DHL, BP, the NHS and leading FTSE 100 type organisations as a senior management consultant defining and delivering transformation. 


Rohini also embarked on her own transformation journey which led her to learn from the world’s leading experts in psychology, yogic philosophy and mindfulness. This included undertaking her yoga and meditation teacher training with the traditional Sivananda organisation, training with the Breathing Space school of breathwork, and further developing her transformation and coaching skills with Tony Robbins and the Life Mastery University.


Having practiced yoga and meditation techniques for 30 years, Rohini is a proud, self-confessed wellbeing and growth freak and what she likes to call ‘sickening optimist’. Her wish is for a sustainable world; one where we are in harmony with ourselves, each other and our gorgeous abundant planet.



Karl’s past corporate life saw him working for a top investment bank, before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey which led him to build a multi-million pound property portfolio and several wellness and design-focused businesses.


In keeping with his Swedish roots, Karl has always been drawn to the beauty and healing benefits of light and nature and has used this as a driving force for his many entrepreneurial pursuits and creative businesses. Notably, Karl is a pioneer in multi-sensory sunlight therapy and has transformed lots of spaces into sun-kissed havens of deep relaxation. He’s also not one to shy away from the revitalising benefits of cold showers and ice baths and practices breathing techniques daily such as the Wim Hof method.


Karl has practiced yoga for 15 years, trained as a breathwork facilitator and is a graduate of the Tony Robbins Life Mastery University.



We are blessed with our very own fairy godmother to add the magic sparkle of healing, wisdom, fun and dancing! Dawn has been there, seen it and done it… Quite literally she has done ‘everything’ to lead a life of more Vitality, Joy & Abundance.

As well as helping facilitate Breathwork through the powerful healing “hand of Dawn”… she is a nutrition and detox guru, having healed herself naturally from Cancer. 



Ian is our main man when it comes to the beautifully prepared food you’ll devour during your time at the retreat. He knows a thing or two about sourcing quality ingredients and how to turn them into nourishing, delicious meals that will best serve your body and mind.


He is behind the popular vegan cafe’ The Mortar & Pestle and we are so lucky to have him lovingly prepare everything from scratch for us at the retreat.



Nathalie is a warm nurturing soul and her holistic massages will aid your detox process, leaving you refreshed emotionally and physically. 

Nathalie understands the benefits of these treatments, as through a period of illness she experienced how these treatments helped recovery and feeling of Wellbeing.

  She is qualified in several techniques and continues to learn to develop a range of practices to suit individual needs



Elliot is our black belt Yogi-Ninja… But also wonderfully playful loveable and fun! He is known for his love of extraordinary leggings, and can teach pretty much anyone any style. 

His authentic passion and benefits of Yoga shines through in how he lives and enjoys every moment