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Mindset – Living In the peak state

Mind Matrix | Reprogram the software

At Y42 we take an integrated approach towards revitalising Mind, Body & Spirit. Our mind is simply software programmed through random childhood experiences. These experiences become your ‘rules’ for the type of life you believe you deserve.

Many of us become unconsciously stuck in patterns. For example, “why do all my partners treat me like this?” when the common denominator is either you or repeated arguments/situations making you feel & react in a certain way. In this section, we provide insights to help with your observation of how your mind is programmed and which patterns may not be serving you. It’s quite simple; first observe that they are just repeating patterns (not reality), and then take control and re-program your mind!

Living in Peak state, a beautiful state every day & make it a habit

Our minds are incredibly powerful and manifest the reality we believe we deserve and associate ourselves with (e.g. the placebo effect.) What controls our lives are the meanings we associated to situations which are shaped by our world view (beliefs & values we have created). We can change state and master emotion by three powerful forces:

  1. Physiology – how you use physical body such as breath, posture & movement
  2. Focus – what you focus on, you will feel
  3. Language – change the meaning of an experience

Powerful daily tools include priming (daily 10mins technique), gratitude (trade expectation for appreciation) and affirmations, which we will experience. Building positive daily habits is key to your progress, but small baby steps. It can take 66 days to completely break an old habit, and longer to build a new one – celebrate small steps on your journey and make it fun!

6 Human needs

Why do we do what we do? What creates a good person vs. a bad one? No matter who you are, there are 6 human needs encoded into our nervous system that need to be fulfilled. These are certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection & love, growth and contribution. These are fundamental drivers that drive our actions and quality of relationships. By observation, there may be a more fulfilling way to meet needs, or in fact re-balance priorities towards more higher fulfilling needs. Bottom line: if certainty and significance are your top needs, you will struggle to feel fulfilled & build meaningful relationships.


How much awareness do we give to how we are really feeling? If someone asks, do we say “good” or “not too bad”, “surviving”? Do we feel into the sophistication of what we are capable of feeling or have we been trained to close it down? Our breathwork teacher’s mission is to help people ‘feel’ and that’s it! If we can truly connect with our higher intuition through our feelings, more conscious choices and relationships can be formed.


We are so excited to introduce our couple’s retreat, as relationships are so important to feel truly alive & connected. The purpose of relationships is to magnify the human experience. Successful relationships navigate the 6 human needs traps (certainty & significance) with awareness, understand cognitive diversity and importantly recognise that relationships are a place to share and care. It’s not a place to get something, but a place to give. Quality of relationships is in direct proportion to the amount of yourself you’re able to share with someone. For intimate relationships, polarity is a massive concept (that is honouring the masculine & feminine energies in our world of equality). Without polarity there is no attraction. A simple check list of what destroys relationships for women/men:

Women | Unsafe, Unseen & not Understood (communication differences)

Men |Criticised (don’t disguise as coaching), Controlled, Closed (closed heart)


Play the Game | The gift of an opponent

Many traditions share philosophies of this “earth game”, including the concept of an opponent. Without an opponent, there is no game. As we are by the sea, we can connect with analogies such as “can’t stop the waves, but can learn to surf”. In fact we can’t surf without the waves, we can only float in stationary waters – but where is the fun in that after a while. Yogi’s talk about the sea as consciousness, and each of us as waves as an individual expression but we are ultimately part of the sea. And so we can discuss infinitum if into this kind of thing; bottom line is that our “problems” are in fact our gifts for growth, without which our life would be ‘dull’. You may have heard “every problem is an opportunity” or “change brings loss and loss brings grief”. But loss also represent freedom, like a fresh green shoot – the start of something new.

If you’re getting stuck in a particular repeated pattern:

  • I have lost, what have I gained?
  • Where is the opportunity in my problem, and what are possible solutions?
  • What is good about this situation, no matter how small or insignificant?
  • Does this situation have a positive aspect?
  • Can I open myself up to my feelings a little more?
  • Who can I turn to for support?
  • What can I learn and how can I grow?
  • Am I flowing with the situation, or fighting and resisting?

Face into Obstacles – challenge with logic & strategies we are learning

  • Fear, doubt, worry, guilt
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Stress
  • I have no time
  • Feel stuck/no options (mind mapping)
  • Limiting beliefs

• Conflicts with ‘That’ person (Appreciation, active listening & what is growth through this)

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