The Hero Rises &
The Evolutionary Women...V3.0 OF THE EARTH GAME

The pathway towards Radical Wellbeing & Radical Loving… a world more sustainable and in loving harmony with ourselves, each other and our planet.

Humanity is at a crossroads

We have the power to destroy ourselves, mental wellbeing at all-time low impacting physical wellbeing, numbing out through addictions/shopping/meds/tech, inequality of wealth, authentic CONNECTION & COMMUNITY eroded by tech addiction & lack of self-worth….and most shocking 80% of relationships failing!  All symptoms that something deeper is going on, with this collective Trauma & Anger inflicted on ourselves, each other and our planet. 

But we feel this is the most exciting time in our history

Social unrest, changing roles and breaking old models are a catalyst for COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING alongside embracing ABUNDANCE.  Happiness is our birth right, it is the veil of psychological processes that make us suffer, which is needless when we learn to train the mind and tap into our infinite power to MANIFEST.

Humanity 1.0 is how we survived from Cave Man days, 2.0 is the era of science & technology which gives us the potential to feed & house every person on this planet – should we chose to do so.  Humanity 3.0 is the next stage which moves us away from a hierarchical command/control and competitive structure …towards a more sustainable & harmonious loving way we can live with ourselves, each other and our glorious planet.  Towards co-creation, organic networks, mutual respect for differences, RESPONSIBILITY & EMPOWERMENT.

We wish to connect with fellow awakening souls interested in co-creating Humanity 3.0 together

And most important being the change we wish to see in the world.  World peace starts with inner peace.  A JOYFUL LOVING world is made up of happy fulfilled people.  The ONLY TRUTH IS LOVE, and our deepest souls desire is CONNECTION.  Those that experience Y42 retreats love the supportive, inspiring & joyful “bubble”.  Why can’t “the real world” be like that – which is what fuels our Passion to spread our teachings more broadly – so more people awaken to the potential of more loving purposeful living and spread that high energy to their communities. 

We wish to co-create a RADICALLY COMPELLING VIEW OF THE FUTURE, underpinned by practical guidance on what to do if you wish to be part of co-creating a new way of living together.  All routes lead to RADICAL LOVE; for yourself, each other and with our planet.  And using our intimate relationships as a portal to those higher frequencies …a vaster presence, in which we can radiate pure bliss & love with everyone.  

Imagine a world where most people are Radically Loved up...versus current 80% relationship split rate

As then all that low energy/trauma is what you inflict to the world.  Turns out Jesus, Mohammed & all our wise prophets were right!  The only truth is Love, the only meaning is Connection & Contribution, other emotions are illusion manufactured by our fear bias minds/software.  And we add to this by saying ….unleash your vaster potential through your relationships.  FORGIVING those that may have inadvertently hurt you, forgiving yourself and hence allowing yourself to be free from negative energies.

This means for the Evolutionary Women (female energy)…

To finally FIND & EXPRESS HER VOICE from a place of loving who she is, and tapping into her infinite love & EXPANSIVE CREATIVITY…. that’s what we call women’s ability to create 1+1=11… which of course frustrates our dear men who operate at 1+1=2.  For her to embrace and love her femininity and expansive creative emotional power …vs. turning into a man to succeed in a Man’s world like Rohini did! 

This means for Men (masculine energy) to allow the HERO TO RISE…

To heal his inner child wounds, tapping into his adult MASCULINE POWER unashamedly.  Instead of being powered by fear, scarcity, competition, power, dominance & hierarchy (Humanity 2.0)….he uses his phenomenal intellect & power fuelled by FEELING & LOVE….and rejoicing with the female “Expansive Creativity” to co-create HUMANITY 3.0.  This journey for his HERO TO RISE is what needs to emerge from the old school ego masculine energy which has pretty much created the world we live in today. We should still be grateful to our Men for getting us this far since we now have the keys to unlock Abundance.   We think the Hero Rising is the Key to Humanity 3.0, and best way Men can do this fast…. is by getting RADICALLY LOVED UP.

Imagine a world where businesses, politics, organisations & social media content (the nervous system of the new world) are led by Radically Loved up Couples

What role do you want to play, just getting through surviving each day as helpless passenger living in fear with lack of hope?  Feeling “half dead”, what do we do to insects that are half dead…we put them out of their misery, yet many live their lives functionally with a closed heart – a life “half dead”.

Is it time to wake up to our infinite potential, especially as a collective of awakened beings.  What are your unique strengths only you were born with in the whole history of time?  How can you use them to make a difference that thrills you.  When you are in coherence with your souls purpose for being born, you feel Alive!  Each day is a thrill to experience, you are guided to experience your birth right. How can you grow to become the best version of yourself to shine a bright light wherever you go. 

Equality doesn’t mean we become the same, instead it’s embracing the differences at every level, including cognitive diversity.  To courageously co-create a magnanimous shift in paradigm, something vaster then we can ever imagine…Humanity 3.0.