Most frequent questions and answers

No experience is necessary! This wellness and mental health retreat is for you if you’d like to boost your wellbeing in everyday life or identify as someone who is stressed out, running on the hamster wheel of life and needing a serious reset. Y42 is a healing experience that will allow you to deeply connect with your authentic self, learn how to accept abundance in all areas of your life and support you on your search for greater fulfillment. We give you the practical tools and strategies to do all this and more with a passionate group of experts to help you on your way.

At Y42, we aim to create a comfortable, tailored and highly-effective experience for all of our guests. For this reason, our retreats host up to 10 only to ensure an intimate community and adequate support for each individual.  We also offer bespoke corporate packages for leadership and executive retreats. Please get in touch directly to find out how we can tailor a programme for your team’s needs.

Think of our retreat like a disco. Dive straight into the middle of the dancefloor if you please or slowly shimmy your way in when you feel ready. Either way, the Y42 tribe are here to make you feel right at home and provide a warm, welcoming and open atmosphere for all of our guests.

We have options that sleep either 2 or 1 guests, and double bedrooms if you’re coming as a couple or with a friend. Please refer to our room options here for availability and prices.

Once you book, you’ll speak with our team directly to coordinate your stay. As part of this process, we will do our best to accommodate any room preferences.

Yourself! An open mind and an open heart are also highly recommended. You should also know that you won’t leave empty handed either! Apart from a bunch of tools for your personal growth, you’ll also receive a carefully curated goodie bag including a range of quality multisensory ‘anchors’ to keep you motivated and connected with your retreat experience. Also bring a bathing suit for sauna and ice bath as well as comfy and warm clothes for early morning beach walks and comfortable footwear. 

Your week will start with a healthy juice fast before we gently reintroduce food to help rebuild your system. You’ll enjoy a carefully developed nutritional program lovingly prepared by our private chef, Ian, which includes nutrient rich organic vegetable and fruit juices, nourishing warm broths, high quality supplements & Udo’s essential oils and delicious vegan meals. Whilst we encourage our guests to wave goodbye to sugar, caffeine, wheat, nicotine and alcohol for the week, you won’t be short of healthy and tasty treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. And don’t worry, we’ll take care of any dietary requirements too!

Whilst the venue is equipped with WIFI and we understand you may need to check in with loved ones and the outside world, we strongly encourage minimal use of technology throughout the retreat so that you can get the most out of the retreat experience. Afterall, this is a time for you to work on you, without the usual distractions of everyday life.