Y42 Radical Loving Couples Retreat

Manor Sun Retreat, Boston UK
21 - 24 Jan
18 - 21 Mar
22 - 25 Apr

From £1,500


Do you want to experience the most magnificent love affair at every level to rocket fuel all parts of your life?

The Y42 radical loving couples retreat is a deeply nourishing beautiful celebration of love in exquisite luxury to deepen your connection, improve intimacy and energise your relationship… through a joyful loving journey exploring energetic connection with deep work to help release trauma to heal your heart, sacred sexuality, mindset & patterns sabotaging intimacy, mindful communications to minimize “blow-outs”, topped by delicious rituals making use of our gorgeous temples, followed by a glorious celebration.

Our relationship is now our no1 priority, the foundation for everything in our life.  It’s the rocket fuel which energises, inspires and fills us full of love so we can share that energy with those around us.  Which is why we are so excited to facilitate Couples Retreats to help other couples on their journey.  

We are deeply passionate about helping create a more loving joyful compassionate world…through powerful radical loving couples.

Receive free 121 coaching session when you book*


  • Couples seeking a transformational journey in an inspiring exclusive environment.

  • You’ve been successful in life, perhaps reached a critical moment where you want to take stock, or gain vitality and clarity towards a new direction in life.

  • Possibly experiencing symptoms of burn-out, poor health, depression, or lack of purpose and jest for life …hence poor quality relationships.

  • Seeking a more wholesome and supportive like-minded network and community to support and inspire your next stage of growth.

  • Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of wellbeing techniques and “hacks” to radically improve quality of life for you and those around you.


We want a relationship where our hearts are open for intimate connection, supportive and loving communications which inspire each other to be their best selves, and have lots of fun. 

Our activities are aimed to transform your relationship from conflict into an opportunity to connect at deeper levels. Improve physical connection and fuel passion within each other. 

Thanks to the exercises and tools on retreat, you’ll start to heal from past trauma or current events that you need to work through. One-to-one coaching will include neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), creative visualisation, mindset hacks and practical psychology. Learning from your past mistakes or current (not so great) habits ensure you grow in the long-term. Expect to identify areas where you could improve and reconnect with yourself. You’ll be guided through a journey that aims to increase your clarity and you’ll tackle your fears and limiting beliefs.

Yoga & Breathwork is guided by hosts Karl and Rohini Emanuelsson who have had years of experience in various  techniques. As well as stretching out the body, the practice will carry you through the day, releasing tension and stress and calming your mind. We will be carrying out various breathwork techniques to heal trauma and open our hearts. 

Receive free 121 coaching session when you book*

The Manor Sun Retreat is an amazing newly renovated nearly 400 year old manor, located on ancient ‘high energy’ ley-lines with a stunning garden temple of love, and is the most decadent and luxurious setting to rekindle your love affair.

Y42 is a truly special place and my time spent there was like pushing a big and much-needed reset button! Simple curiosity brought me into the community and whilst I joined with zero expectations, I left with not only a newfound drive and purpose but with the tools to easily implement what I learned into my daily life. Thank you so much, Karl and Rohini!
Thank you for opening your hearts and doors for us. This was such a special weekend and has proven to be truly life-changing for me. I want to thank each and every single person involved in the retreat for your energy, love and uniqueness. THANK YOU!



Hall Ln, Benington, Boston PE22 0DX