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Benefits of yoga for men

Benefits of yoga for men

Yoga is an amazing activity even men can take advantage of!

Sure, the soft tone of the teacher and the awkward poses may not be particularly attractive to the most masculine of us, but what if I were to tell you that there are some serious benefits of yoga that men will get the most from?

Did you know that rugby players do ballet to not get stiff muscles and lose flexibility? In the same way, yoga is a tool that can be used by any of us, from football players to electricians.

Regular practice will sharpen your muscles and mental focus, ward off toxins and enhance physical readiness (and sexual performance).

Keep this in mind and let’s get into more details! Here are five benefits of yoga for men.

Here are some benefits of yoga for men

  1. Flexibility and mobility

Would you like to do a split? Who said it has to be just a few lucky ones? Your flexibility and mobility can greatly benefit from the active lifestyle that comes with frequent classes. As previously mentioned, flexibility and mobility are an absolute necessity in most physically intensive labours and sports, meaning that even the toughest fighter in the world can improve their flexibility with a gentle yoga class. 

Let’s not delve into the fitness aspects of things too much, but let’s say strength training and muscle building also greatly benefit from an extended range of motions. Want to bulk? Then also do yoga.
Don’t feel embarrassed about progress.

  1. Improves energy and vitality in men

Inhale. Exhale. Inhaling feels good, but a good exhale is just as important since it relaxes the brain. 

Something you do unconsciously is probably affecting your energy levels, your nervous system and body altogether.

Check yourself, how are you breathing? Do you feel the air travel up and down your lungs? Do you feel like you can relax and truly feel at peace with every breath you take?

Most people only breathe 10% of their capacity, meaning that you are only feeding your body a fraction of the oxygen (and thus, energy) you need. 

Yoga will help you get used to fuller, deeper breaths, guaranteed to be refreshing and distribute oxygen throughout your body. 

  1. Feel more at balance

Imagine constantly hitting the gym, but never actually doing leg day. Or just running, constantly, all day every day.

How long before you need hip replacement surgery? How long before you pull the muscles in your tights and sit at home for a couple of weeks?
When we work out in an imbalanced way, weak muscles become weaker.

Fear not. This issue can be solved with yoga – a gentle, full-body workout perfect for stretching those tight muscles and essentially “resetting” your body to a new, better balance you’ll soon find. 

Yoga is also beneficial to your mental health. Train your mind to feel at peace and in balance, and your body will follow.

  1. Feel calmer

Wouldn’t you like to feel calmed and relaxed? It’s like, that amazing feeling when you just think “Wow, this is the real world. I live here and I love it.”

Apply that to your everyday life. That’s how yoga feels. 

Also, it helps your muscles recover (once again for those at the back currently suffering from gym-related DOMS). 

But wait, there’s more! Imagine a calmer, fitter you. Isn’t that sexy? Calm is considered a very attractive feature to have in men, according to Business Wire. 

  1. Improved sex life for Men

Yeah, we all knew this was going to be included. After all, who doesn’t love an intimate night? Yoga is, unsurprisingly, a great tool that will improve your sex life somewhat drastically. Improved cardiovascular efficiency equals stronger, longer erections, and, of course, better stamina. Now, that’s what you can the king of benefits of yoga for men.

A toned set of pelvic muscles also ensures both parties get more enjoyment out of the session ;)

Furthermore, the mental health benefits that come with yoga also increase your levels of desire and how much control you have over climaxing. 

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