Mastering love & relationships

Coaching for couples & Individuals

With 80% of relationships failing and countless singles struggling to manifest their ideal partner, attracting and experiencing magnificent relationships are at an all-time low. Why is that?

There are many contributing factors and pitfalls to navigate to master love and relationships.  My hubbie Karl and I found ourselves on the brink of divorce, before we took massive action to radically improve our wellbeing and capacity to always live and breathe love. It takes knowledge, practice and the right coach to turn your life around. 

Let’s start with an honest view of where you are today…

Are you experiencing some of below top 10 symptoms that prevents love?

  • Do you struggle with communication and effective conflict resolution? 
  • Are you frustrated with but lack insight on how to eradicate sabotage patterns? 
  • Have you experienced trauma that is impacting your relationships and need healing? 
  • Is your passion and sexuality lacking? 
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the male/female differences? 
  • In era of equality, as Masculine, are you feeling disconnected from your power and as Feminine, do you struggle with boundaries and getting your voice heard? 
  • Are you tired of power struggles, lack of respect and disempowering relationships? 
  • Are you feeling stressed, lack of energy and creativity? 
  • For singles, do you struggle to attract your dream partner? 
  • Have traditional relationship coaching methods failed to help or made matters worse? 

If you are looking to level up and invite love into all areas of your life, I am uniquely qualified and guarantee I will be able to help you and your partner overcome any of these at lightning speedI combine mind-body-soul healing, mind hacks with hypnosis, and sacred sexuality practices to help cultivate deep connection, and healing, and reignite fun and passion on all levels. 

Ostrich mentality or radical responsibility to reach out for the best support

About five years ago I reached breaking point, I was ashamed and hoped things would just get better on their own by staying in bed.  But as time passed, things only got worse.  

Medication and conventional therapy were not the answer for me.  I mustered up my last bit of courage and started my journey of exploration into alternative healing modalities.  If you can relate to this, please don’t be ashamed to reach out for help.  Ignoring the start of problems doesn’t make them go away – it only exacerbates them, as I see frequently, when clients reach out to me after things have deteriorated badly.  

Seeking help is a sign of strength as it takes courage to admit we need support.  Without the guidance from some of the world’s best mentors, I would have perpetuated a cycle of pain and dysfunction in my life and relationship. 

My approach is like no other, with guaranteed results FAST!

As featured on BBC1 and other media, favoured by leaders and celebrities, I humbly recognise I am among the best in the worldMy unique mind, body and soul coaching approach has proven to heal and release deep trauma fast, enabling my clients to live with an open heart to freely give and receive love I use powerful hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious with empowering mind hacks. To spice things up and deepen connection I also explore sacred sexuality and Tantra techniques. 

Traditional therapy is like throwing yourself down the stairs to 'understand' how you broke your leg’. Hypnosis sets you free…the ultimate brain hack to fast-track personal development.
Paul McKenna
MY Hypnotherapy teacher

Unlocking the Power of Your Mind - The Art of Hypnosis

Whether you’re looking for individual or couples coaching, or a custom 121 healing experience in the comfort of your own home or at my base in Kent. Contact me today for an initial chat and let me help you awaken to your highest expression and soul purpose. Happiness is your birth right, and I am 100% dedicated to help you claim it. 

Unlocking the Power of Your Mind - The Art of Hypnosis

I'll help you overcome blocks preventing true happiness and love

I understand personal growth is not easy and requires daily effort, I offer support to make it a habit Challenges arise to promote growth and reveal unknown parts of yourselfJoin me on the journey to an extraordinary life filled with abundance, love and joy. Expect to: 

  • Develop a deep sense of self-love, confidence and energy. 
  • Build fulfilling and extraordinary relationships  
  • Improve communication skills and deepen your emotional intelligence  
  • Set loving boundaries and honour your own needs  
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk  
  • Heal psychological and energetic traumas  
  • Master practical tools to manage stress, anxiety and poor sleep 
  • Clarity on life and relationship goals and support achieving them 

Transformation takes courage, but let’s also make it fun

I help you eradicate limiting beliefs and create an inspiring life vision powered by radical wellbeing and love for yourself.  My approach covers all areas of life, enabling you to tap into your inner power to live a life of abundance, love, vitality, and joy. 

Whether you’re single, looking for love, or in a relationship, I am here to empower you to attract and experience a loving, exciting and fulfilling relationship. 

Coaching for self-love to create a joyful life and loving relationships

Self-love is the foundation for healthy relationships, as ultimately your relationships are a mirror of your relationship with yourselfYou can’t give what you haven’t got.   

No one can make you feel ‘whole’ when there are ‘holes’ within.

It’s only when our heart is open and we love ourselves, that we can share our beautiful giftsI learned the hard way with a burnout & on the brink of divorce…which is why I am now deeply passionate about sharing my learnings, powerful practices and insights from transforming my 23 year relationship with my beloved Karl. 

It’s a flexible package tailored to your needs, including payment plans

I never set a time limit for our coaching sessions, which can include powerful practises such as breathwork and hypnosis, designed to help you achieve your ultimate vision for love and life. 

My sessions costs £888 including the extended first session.  By booking a block of five sessions, the fifth session is free. With our ongoing accountability and focus, you’ll build momentum fast towards your magnificent new life. 

Research shows that having an inspiring peer group to hold you accountable can increase your chances of success by 80%. That’s why I also encourage my clients to connect and support each other, giving everyone access to a powerful group of likeminded individuals to network and grow with.   



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With 25 years of experience in senior corporate leadership roles at companies such as Microsoft, John Lewis, DHL, BP, and the NHS, Rohini has cultivated a passion for exploring and unlocking human potential. This led her to embark on a personal transformation journey, learning from leading experts in psychology, hypnosis, NLP, yogic philosophy, and mindfulness.  

She completed her yoga and meditation teacher training with the traditional Sivananda organization, studied at the Breathing Space school of breathwork, and received hypnotherapy accreditation from Paul McKenna and Mind Valley. Rohini also honed her transformation coaching skills with Tony Robbins and Life Mastery University and most recently at Mind Valley University. With 30 years of practice in yoga and meditation techniques, she is a self-confessed wellbeing and “growth-freak” and “sickening optimist.” Her wish is for a sustainable world where we are in harmony with ourselves, each other, and our abundant planet.   

Through Retreat Masterminds and public speaking, her passion is to empower and connect women to have a loving powerful voice, to co-create a world more beautiful than our hearts can imagine.